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Applied Science

Tech levels vary greatly from area to area and town to town. There may be a small community of farmers that resembles an old town out of the Old West. They have no indoor plumbing; they use outhouses and get their water from the well or the stream. They have no electricity, no refrigeration, no stores, and horses are much more common than vehicles. But even here there is disparity between tech-levels. The village doctor has an old electrical generator and lights in his study and medical office; though a master of holistic medicine, the doc utilizes a laser scalpel and modern tools. An old farmer’s pride and joy is his hover truck. The sheriff gunned down some D-Bee bear-monster with her ion blaster.

A hundred miles away is a factory town that looks like a cross between something out of World War II and the Jetsons. There are automobiles and hover craft, horses and power armor, giant robots and bicycles, gunpowder weapons and energy weapons, huge, clunky factories and micro-computers. There are also stores and places for entertainment, when most 20th century amenities are available.


Body Armor
Power Armor

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