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Faith & Gods

Humankind lost much of its history and culture in the Dark Age. Some lost their faith, others rediscovered it. Forgotten religions returned, powerful faiths collapsed, new cults rose, and familiar churches adopted unfamiliar beliefs. The people who lived in this terrible time believed the world had been destroyed by vengeful gods, and they were living in the “end times.”

Today, at least half of humanity believe that a god or gods initiated the Great Cataclysm. Many cling to religious traditions for hope or out of fear, some hop from faith to faith looking for answers, while others eschew faith entirely, doubtful that any benevolent divine being could allow the world to be what it is. A dizzying array of sects and churches are found in North America.

Postmodern Religions

The religions that were prominent during the Golden Age of Man were forced to adapt to the new realities on life after the Great Cataclysm or collapse entirely. The Coalition views most of these religions as acceptable (if sometimes misguided).

Returned Religions

Many ancient, so-called “pagan” religions have been revitalized by the resurgence of magic on Earth, and, in some cases, the return of beings claiming to be the gods and spirits of old. The Coalition is very leery of these religions, suspecting the influence of creatures from the rifts.
Aztec Pantheon
Ghost Dance
Norse Pantheon
Olympian Pantheon
Pharaohic Pantheon

New & Alien Religions

Some religions have no history on Earth at all. They were founded since the Cataclysm or originate from the rifts themselves, either through the reverence of D-Bees, or as powerful supernatural beings who found churches in their own name. The Coalition has no tolerance for these faiths.
Cult of Dragonwright
Cult of the Neemans
Church of Yin-Sloth
Horsemen Death Cult
The Nameless Gods
Quehal Marnoc the Destroyer
The Sect of Rurga
Rushmore Pantheon
Santa Cults
Spaggetar the Great

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