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North American Slang

The people of North America, especially those living in cities have developed a number of colloquialisms.


Achy Breaky: A normal human being. Usually used by Juicers and other augmented beings.
Borg: Slang for cyborg. Usually refers to a full conversion cyborg.
Bot: Slang for robot. Usually referring to robots with a computer brain or artificial intelligence rather than the giant robot vehicles piloted by a living being.
Burb or Burbs: Slang referring to the tent cities, shanty towns and more formal and nice communities (from towns and cities to farms) that inevitably crop up around major metropolises, especially the great walled tech-cities of places like Chi-Town, Iron Heart and Quebec City.
Checking Out: Dying, usually from the side effects of the Juicer process.
Coming of the Rifts: The mythical time in which magic returned, the ley lines surged with renewed energy at unprecedented power levels and the planet Earth was forever transformed.
Crazy: Crazies are those who have undergone M.O.M. (Mind Over Matter) conversion. Mental and physical augmentation via cybernetic brain implants to make them physically stronger and faster, but often a bit mad.
Credits: The common designation for money and monetary units. A credit is an electronic monetary unit placed on a cred-card.
D-Bee: Slang for dimensional being, typically referring to a human-like (or at least bi-pedal) alien from another world.
Dead Boys: Slang for Coalition Soldiers. They got this dubious nickname because they dress in black, the standard body armor has a skeletal appearance.
Dog Boys: The humanoid, canine mutants created by the Coalition States via genetic manipulation of dogs.
E-Clip: Short for energy clip. An e-clip is effectively a powerful battery that feeds an weapon energy to fire a number of energy blasts.
Getting Juiced: Getting the Juicer augmentation to become a Juicer.
Grease Spot: A corpse that has been mangled by heavy weapons, especially explosives or plasma weapons.
Grease: To kill or destroy.
Juicer: A person who has undergone physical augmentation via chemical means to make them more alert, physically stronger and faster, at the cost of a dramatically shorter lifespan.
Last Call: The last year of a Juicer’s life, usually plagued with symptoms of his upcoming death.
M & M: Slang for “metal and man” or “metal man,” usually referring to a partial cyborg or one heavily augmented with bionics.
Mama’s Boys: A derogatory slang term for Crazies, named for the M.O.M. implants.
Meat Boy/Girl: Normal, non-augmented human or D-bee. Usually used by Borgs and other augmented beings.
Mist (or to Mist): A grim term that refers to “killing and vaporizing” an opponent with an energy weapon. For example, “Mist him” (kill him) or “mist the truck” (vaporize it).
Rifting: To travel to another world or dimension via a dimensional portal or Rift.
Squishy: Normal, non-augmented human or D-bee. Usually used by Juicers and other augmented beings.

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