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The Coalition States



Human Supremacist Nation

The Coalition States (CS) are a loosely knit allegiance between five industrial kingdoms that rose out of the ashes of the Apocalypse in North America. Since their founding, the states have been human supremacists, mistrustful of D-Bees and Magic. The Prosek regime has mastered the art of propaganda. They discourage literacy and knowledge to more easily control the masses; less than 10% of the population can read.


Chi-Town: Northern Illinois & Iowa. The state of Chi-Town is the most populated region on the continent. The Iowa portion of the state is farmland, while the Illinois region is largely scrubland dotted with ruins and rebuilt towns and villages. The great fortress-cities are clustered around Lake Michigan.

Missouri: Northern Missouri. Missouri is thinly populated, agricultural region. The Ozark Plateau in the south is home to the independent kingdoms of Kingsdale and Whykin.

El Dorado: Southern Arkansas. Arkansas is a forest region now called El Dorado, the newest addition to the Coalition States. Only a third of the state, south of the Ozarks, is under Coalition control.

Lone Star: Northern Texas. Though they claim all of what was once called Texas as the state of Lone Star, the Coalition only controls the northernmost quadrant of the state. The southern border is home to the bandits of the Pecos Empire. Lone Star is a center for research and development; its laboratories have produced the Dog Boys and other marvels of science.

Iron Heart: Central Ontario. The state of Iron Heart is an industrial center, and since Free Quebec’s exit of the Coalition, the nation’s north-easternmost region and second most important state.

Tolkeen: Minnesota. After decades of tension, the Coalition declared war on the magic-using kingdom of Tolkeen in 105 P.A. Today, Tolkeen is a conquered territory, occupied by the Coalition, its armies and leaders dead or scattered to the four winds. The ultimate fate of the region remains to be seen.

Noteworthy Cities

The Coalition is known for its great self-contained fortress-cities, each able to hold hundreds of thousands in near absolute safety, but the vast majority of communities are conventional walled towns and cities. Most Coalition cities, particularly in the states of Chi-Town and Iron Heart, are overcrowded as it is, and there are millions of hopefuls waiting to be accepted as citizens.
Chi-Town Burbs
City of Iron
Fort El Dorado
Lone Star City
New Chillicothe

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